27 March 2020 :  first international public reading of the Metamorphoses (The Golden Ass) of Apuleius 
Everyone is welcome !


Dear friends of Classics,

We look forward to having you as a contributor of the next event that will take place on March 27 , 2020 at 10 A.M. (Paris time*) : on this special day the Metamorphoses of Apuleius will be read in public at the same time all over the world ! (* It is possible to adapt the hour if necessary.) 

If you are a teacher, a student, a bookseller, a librarian, a theatre-goer … or if you are simply convinced of the necessity to nurture the Humanities, please join us and share a few pages of Antiquity : all you need to do is to read aloud for one hour and let your audience discover the most extraordinary Latin novel !

To participate, you just have to organize a group of readers and choose a public space so that people can hear the reading of a complete book from the Metamorphoses of Apuleius (or some extracts)  in the language of your choosing. Don’t forget to make sure your phone or camera is fully charged in order to make a great video of your performance !

To register please fill in the form here.

Listed groups appear on the interactive map of the project ; just click on the yellow icons below to have access to each of them :


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